5 THINGS TO KNOW: McAlester Quarterback Club brings back bingo fundraiser

MCALESTER QUARTERBACK CLUB | Submitted PhotoThe McAlester Quarterback Club is holding a bingo fundraiser for the football team on Friday. 

Teresa Briggs provides more information on Friday's second annual bingo fundraiser by the McAlester Quarterback Club.

1. What is the goal for Friday's fundraiser?

We hope to raise enough money to cover our away game meal expenses and extra equipment that the school is not able to provide for the boys.

2. What kind of equipment do the proceeds help you provide?

We help recondition the helmets so that they're safe, shoulder pads, the uniforms for the boys. 

3. How much money do you hope to raise?

We hope to raise around $3,000-$4,000.

4. How did the event go last year?

We had a really good year. We didn't have the turnout. We hoped to have more, but we also didn't realize we scheduled it was the same night as a Chamber (of Commerce) banquet, and some other things going around town. So, this year we (were) careful to schedule it where hopefully there's not going to be too many conflicts.

5. Can people buy tickets in advance?

No. We sell the books of games there at the American Legion that night.

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