SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Quinton's Colt Short staying active in senior year

SIERRA ELLIS PHOTOGRAPHY Quinton's Colt Short stays busy with sports and outdoor activities while enjoying his senior year with the green and white.

Colt Short likes to keep himself busy around his home town of Quinton.

The high school senior said he has been playing football since his junior high days, and enjoys many things about the sport. From making new friends, to the thrill of game days, it’s made quite the impression upon him.

“Football has always been my sport,” Short said. “I’ve always liked playing, and I’ve always had a lot of fun doing it.”

Short said playing for a small town football team, he and his teammates tend to forge their camaraderie both on and off the field.

“We try to hang out, even when we’re not playing football,” he said. “We meet up and go do stuff, and try to stay in touch.”

When not playing football, Short said he keeps himself busy with a variety of activities — including playing basketball, as Short said he is one of the few football players that plays both it and football for the green and white.

And when he’s not playing one of those sports, there’s another popular competition Short likes to involve himself in.

“I do shooting sports and stuff like that,” Short said. “Skeet and trap a lot.”

When he’s not competing, Short said he enjoys going hunting. It’s something he’s done from a very young age, and said he has one game in particular that is his top choice to harvest.

“Since I was little, I’ve hunted,” Short said. “Duck hunting has to be my favorite.”

Once he’s finished his time at Quinton High School, Short said he plans to attend trade school to learn the ins and outs of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning from the Oklahoma State University-Institute of Technology.

Growing up around Quinton his whole life surrounded by family, Short said his roots will always be firmly planted in the community. So he said that once he obtains his HVAC license, he wants to open his own business as to be able to use his skills in the place he has always called home.

“The money and being close to home is the big deal,” Short said. “It’s better money to be close (to home). Anymore, to make good money, you have to go off.”

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