SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: McAlester's Jaxon Walters loves football and family


With all of the possibilities of the future, Jaxon Walters believes he and the Buffs have the right ingredients for success.

Walters said he got into football in middle school, and wanted a chance to play. So he transferred to McAlester to become a Buffalo. He fell in love with the sport, and started to build on his playing career.

“We had three bad seasons there early, and then in eighth grade, we had a spark and started doing good,” Walters said. “It just kept going from there.”

In his time as a player, Walters has been a part of the Buffs as they have carried on the tradition of electrifying fans on Friday nights. He said his favorite part of the game is seeing the hard work turn into success for his teammates.

“It’s great whenever you come back from a win, and everybody plays good, and we’re all having fun,” Walters said. “The locker room is just fun after a win. It’s just great.”

Walters said he and his friends love to build energy to bring into a game, so they’ll listen to the same song to create hype and get their blood pumping. He said they’ve switched up the song this year, and while he’s not sure what it’s actually titled, it still gets the job done.

“I honestly don’t know the name of the song," Walters said. "But I like it, and we all get hyped to it. So whenever it ends and we all stand up and get hyped, it’s great. It’s fun.”

Outside of the game, Walters said he enjoys hanging out with his friends and just enjoying each other’s company. He also enjoys working at the family restaurant, Pete’s Place in Krebs.

Walters said beyond graduation, he plans on attending Oklahoma State University and majoring in restaurant management. He wants to eventually return to take the reins of the eatery that has played such a big role in his life.

“(I want to) keep the family business going,” Walters said. “It’s something I like, it’s something fun. It’s not a job that I hate.”

Determined and ambitious, Walters keeps a positive attitude. As he looks back, there’s a lot of people that have impacted him, but maybe none more than his father.

“He’s always there, no matter what,” Walters said. “I love my dad. He would do anything for me, and I would do anything for him. Definitely my biggest hero, definitely someone who I look up to.

“He’s the best dad in the world,” he added.

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