SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: McAlester's Briggs uses sports to challenge himself

Trey Briggs is a Buff of all trades.

Whether it’s basketball, football, track, or powerlifting, the McAlester senior does it all. It’s something he has done his entire time in high school, and says it’s the drive of competition that helps keep him active.

“It’s good for your body, and it’s good for recruitment on the athletic perspective,” Briggs said. “And it’s also good to just switch things up.”

Briggs keeps the pedal to the floor because he said it was good for him both physically and mentally.

Reflecting on his start in high school, Briggs said he had to change some things for himself as he transitioned into a new phase of his life.

“I came into high school with a real big mental block of ‘Oh, I can’t do it,’” Briggs said. “Throughout high school, it’s kind of slowed down. I think ‘it’s just pain. Just for a second. Just keep going and you won’t remember it here in a little bit.’”

Briggs enjoys being a teammate in each sport he participates in, and the unique atmosphere that comes with the quirks and differences of each game.

It gives him a sharper edge, and constantly gives him fresh perspectives.

“It’s not the same locker room wherever you go, so you have to switch it up wherever you go,” Briggs said. “You can go to a rock concert and then you can go to a play the same day. They’re the same stuff, it’s still music. But it’s a whole different atmosphere.”

When switching sports, Briggs said he resets his mind. He noted that with the transition from football to basketball, he has to change in how physical he plays the two sports.

“It takes a second. Once I get done with football, I’ve got to remember that I can’t knock people out,” Briggs said. “You just sit in the gym, get your shots up, and you just do good.”

As his final year comes to a close, Briggs said he will look back fondly on his memories of being a McAlester Buffalo. But there is one piece of advice that he learned, not on the court or the field, but in the classroom that he said he will take with him into college.

“Homework is best done right when you get up,” he laughed.

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