SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Dylan Shumway proud to be a McAlester Buffalo

BROOKE YOUNG | For the News-CapitalMcAlester's Dylan Shumway (41) said he's proud to have been a Buffalo and represent his hometown.

Dylan Shumway is grateful to be playing for the name on the front of his jersey.

“I’m a born-and-bred McAlester Buffalo,” he said.

Shumway is a senior at McAlester, and said he is excited by being given the chance to represent his community on football game nights.

“I’ve lived here all my life, and I’m proud of it,” Shumway said. “I love this town.”

Shumway said he loves the physicality of the game, and is pumped every time he gets to take to the gridiron.

“Out there, it’s pretty much war, dog-eat-dog,” Shumway said.

Before the games, Shumway said he likes to listen to music and focus on the task ahead. His favorite genre is classic rock, and that’s what makes up the playlist on game days.

“I love the Eagles, a little Pink Floyd,” Shumway said. “(Such as) ‘One of These Nights’ by the Eagles. I love that song.”

Outside of football, Shumway said he just enjoys being a teenager. Whether it’s hanging out with friends, playing video games, or just relaxing in a little down time.

He said he’s soaking in every moment of his senior year, because he knows how quickly it can be over.

“Hey, you’re only a senior once,” he said.

Shumway is a self-described humble, reserved person. But playing football gives him a chance to stand out. His father and uncle played the game before him, and now he’s writing his own chapter.

But as he faces his last games of his high school career, Shumway imparted some wisdom on those who will be taking the field after him and playing a game he has enjoyed for most of his life.

“My advice is just work hard,” Shumway said. “A lot of people don’t realize that as long as you work hard, especially the culture around here now, as long as you work hard, you’ll get a chance.”

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