Indianola hires Roger Parham for girls basketball

Provided photoRoger Parham, seen here during his time at Savanna, has been hired and approved to take over as the head of the Indianola girls basketball program.

Roger Parham has been handed the keys to the Indianola girls basketball program.

The long-time coach said that he is thrilled to be given the opportunity to lead the Warriorettes.

"I’m excited about it. I started out at Haileyville, had a lot of other things since then in baseball, softball, assistant in basketball,” Parham said. "I’m excited about being a head coach again.”

Originally from Savanna, Parham got his first coaching job at Haileyville in 1986. After spending seven years there, he headed the Kiowa softball program for 10 years.

He returned to his hometown of Savanna for 13 years before spending the last three seasons as the assistant basketball coach at Canadian.

Parham said that it was fate that brought him to Indianola.

"I had taught with (Principal Anna Peery) at Canadian before she went to Indianola. I just touched base with her basketball coaching wise,” Parham said. “Most of the times when I’ve moved, I hadn’t been looking. It’s just fell into my lap."

Parham has already been approved by the school board, but will have an interesting road before he returns to basketball. Not only will he work with possible coronavirus restrictions, but he is also retiring on June 1, and therefore must wait 60 days before he can make his debut at Indianola.

When asked how he’s going to spend his short retirement, he said he’s going to use the time to work on a few of his favorite summer activities.

"Play a little golf, and mow a little grass,” he quipped.

But when he gets back into the gym, Parham said he will immediately get to work connecting with his players and getting ready for the season.

“(I’ll be) just getting with them and talking about expectations and what mine are and get a feel for what theirs are,” Parham said. "They’ve got a proud program and I’d like to get them back to that again."

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