Canadian's Thompson surpasses 2,000 career points

ADRIAN O'HANLAN III | Staff PhotoCanadian's Carson Thompson passed 2,000 career points this season.

Carson Thompson is a real-life 2K player.

The Canadian senior made history in his game last Friday night when, in an energized first quarter, he drove to the basket and flicked a shot off the glass to surpass 2,000 career points.

While Thompson’s mindset is always on the task at hand, he flashed a smile as he ran down the court. He knew that he put his name into the record books.

“The very first time I got (the ball), I was thinking ‘pass it around,’” Thompson said. “But then when I got it, I thought, ‘this is history. I’ve got it make it.’”

His teammates rose off the bench and cheers rained down on the court from the fans. On the next offensive possession, Thompson sank a corner three-point shot. As the ball tickled the twine, the fire in his eyes was lit. This game was going to be one to remember.

Thompson finished the night with 29 points in the victory. The locker room atmosphere after the game was full of laughs, hugs, and handshakes as he was congratulated by teammates. It’s those things, he said, that mean so much to him.

“It’s just great to have teammates like that that are supporting me,” Thompson said. “It helps me a lot and gives me a lot of confidence. I’m so glad to have them. I appreciate them a lot.”

Thompson is most appreciative of the support of his family. He said that they wanted him to set some goals and challenge himself throughout the season, and have been cheering him on every step of the way.

“They’re proud of me. They wanted me to play as hard as I could,” Thompson said. “When they found out I was close (to 2,000), they made that a goal.”

Reflecting on his career, Thompson said he’ll remember this milestone, but there’s so much more that will come to mind. He relishes the fact that he and his Cougar team became Pitt 8 Champions this season. But it’s his friends and teammates that will always stick out to him as his favorite part of basketball.

“(I’ve been) playing with all my teammates since I was little,” Thompson said. “I just love practicing with them every day and playing with them…that’s the best memory.”

The season isn’t over yet, however, and Thompson said he has set another two more goals for this season: make the state tournament and win a gold ball. But that task means that he and the Cougars have to get back into the gym and get to work.

“We just got to get better every day. That’s what coach tells us. Everyday in practice, just keep working, keep competing and getting better,” Thompson said. “If we just go one game at a time and keep on winning, we’ll eventually make it. Just have to take it one game at a time.”

For now, Thompson will refocus on the season. But years from now, he laughs as he thinks about what he’ll tell his future children about his high school days. He’ll have plenty of stories to choose from, and in multiple sports. The only thing he’ll have to figure out is which one to tell first.

“I gotta tell them about back in the day,” Thompson said. “I gotta tell them that I want them to do just as I did, maybe go a little bit higher. That’s the goal for them.”

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