Kiowa's Green doubles as musician

Courtesy PhotoKiowa’s Emmalie Green on stage May 25 in Pryor at Rocklahoma. Green has won two state championships in softball with the Cowgirls. 

Local sports fans may know Emmalie Green as a two-time state champion for Kiowa softball. What they might not know is her musical talents.

Green helped perform five numbers May 11 at the McAlester Italian Festival along with Dan Herron, owner of the Music Store. She also was on stage May 25 singing Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home” at Rocklahoma in Pryor.

She performed in a sleeveless Metallica shirt and ripped jeans with an acoustic guitar.

Green has always found music to come naturally to her, and has enjoyed it since she was at a very early age. Green began singing in church despite having no vocal training. She has worked her way into learning the guitar and piano.

She said she feels happy when she plays music and that it’s what she’s meant to do.

“I love the complexity of it,” she said. “Music is not just strumming a guitar or playing a few keys on the piano. It’s theory. It’s dynamics, and it’s almost like a subject in school. 

“In order to truly understand music and be a musician, you have to understand the components that come with it,” she continued.  

Green’s teammates were surprised, but enjoy her music.

“I could listen to her sing and play music all day,” Kiowa teammate Karlie McCormick said in a twitter message. “When I found out she was at Rocklahoma, I was so happy for her and it was so cool to see my friend on stage on the Rocklahoma Instagram story!”

Green’s tasked with having to balance out music with school and softball, which she admitted is difficult to do. Green said music and softball are equally important to her. 

Green said she plays music at a minimum of two or three hours on a daily basis. She’ll play her electric guitar at midnight after a softball game if she has to, rocking out to the likes of Metallica, AC/DC and Van Halen.

She decided she wanted to play guitar within the last few years after hearing the guitar solo to “Lights” by Journey. She also likes Eddie Van Halen.

Green previously auditioned for an opening for the house band at the School of Rock in Tulsa. She passed the audition and got the spot to play at Rocklahoma with the band — known as School of Rock at Rocklahoma. 

Green found Rocklahoma to be less nerve-racking than the two state championship games she’s played in for Kiowa.

“Rocklahoma I really wasn’t nervous for,” Green said. “I was just excited.”

Green has been doing cover songs thus far, not writing much of her own material. She said she has written rock-based riffs thus far, but hopes to write other material in the future.

“I think it’s easiest to write about what I’ve struggled most with in life,” Green said. “If it’s just feeling I have to choose between one or the other thing, or maybe music not being as appreciated as it should be.”

She said some people may see music as a side hobby, but in reality, said it takes a lot of talent, hard work and perseverance.

However, Green also said that she sees music as 60% a career because of how much she prioritizes it and 40% a hobby so she doesn’t burn out either.

Green said softball and music are similar because of how much she needs to stay focused for both. She likened having to do her job in a band the way she would have to in a game for the Cowgirls. If she doesn’t do her job, then it all falls apart. 

She’s hoping to win some more state championships as she enters her junior year at Kiowa, and hopes to learn the bass and improve on drumming when it comes to music. 

Green knows what she does as a musician won’t be winding down any time soon.

“I just want to enjoy it and have fun,” Green said. “It would be amazing if something crazy happened and I was to famous, but even if not, that’s really not my goal. I just want to learn. I want to be fluent in music and every aspect of it, and I just want to continue to play. That’s something that I could do forever.”

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