Canadian football taking to new weight room

WES JACKSON | Submitted PhotoPictured is the new weight room for Canadian, located by the west end zone of the football field. 

A new weight room is helping student-athletes at Canadian.

Canadian Public Schools Superintendent Michael Broyles said about $30,000 went into renovating a building on campus behind the west end zone of the football field for a new weight room.

Broyles said Canadian Valley Telephone chipped in with a donation and helped with some grant writing to get student-athletes out of the old facility and into the new one.

“I’m just glad that we can do things for our kids and that we can spruce things up for athletics,” Broyles said.

Canadian football coach Wes Jackson said the decision to move the weight room from a room by the school cafeteria to near the football field was made around September 2018, but the ongoing season delayed the move. The old weight room is now a testing facility at Canadian.

The coach said he and defensive assistant Zane Rose worked for approximately four days to lay out mats and turf. Jackson added the new facility is an improvement for the program.

“It allows us to perform more lifts in a less cluttered environment,” Jackson said. “The kids have taken a love for it in its new location.”

Jackson said the weight room is Canadian’s home, and incoming senior Terrell Crawford agrees. Crawford said this new weight room has more things than the old weight room did last year.

“All of our maxes and stuff jumped a lot,” Crawford said. “We’re all getting bigger (and) stronger.”

Incoming senior Carson Thompson said players used to have to go to Crowder to work out, but said summer workout attendance has increased now and team members use the facility four days a week.

“I was excited (when hearing about a new weight room) because I know it’s going to make us better in the long run,” Thompson said. “It’s going to make us better for the season overall.”

Jackson said the goal is also to turn the other side of the weight room into the team’s locker room. He’s hoping to get that done by the end of summer, but it would come in the summer of 2020 if Canadian could not get the floor done.

He said fundraising will be done to help, adding the team intends to sell ads after the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association dead week. The Cougars also plan on having a raffle for a fire pit and selling candy during the season.

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