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We all have ways to keep cool during the summer — but let's not forget to take care of our four-legged friends, too.


When you and your family decide that you are ready to get a puppy, you can’t feel like you don’t have enough choices to pick from. If you don’…

Perhaps you have had your dog for many years or this is your first puppy. Maybe you have adopted a dog-one of many over your lifetime. Owning …


Crate training a dog is a new idea for some dog owners. Crates can be very useful. Most dogs like small, enclosed spaces where they can go if …


Dog parks are becoming more and more popular. Although they all come in various sizes and designs, they all have the same purpose.

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You are probably spring cleaning your house about now or are at least thinking about it. While you’re cleaning your house, why don’t you sprin…