Greg Owen

Greg Owen

The Pittsburg County Free Fair has just completed and what that means is we have concluded our 4-H year and it is time to enroll for 2019-2020.

Most people think with the beginning of the school year here that we officially started our new 4-H year when school started. However, the 4-H year concludes with the County Fair. Cost to enroll is $20. Paper enrollment forms are now available at our office or through your local 4-H clubs. Once enrolled members may participate in all 4-H activities that fit their respective age groups.

4-H Membership: Meets the Clover-bud age requirement of being 5 years old on or before September 1. Clover-bud youth are grades K-2nd. If a Clover-bud turns 8 after September 1 and is in the 3rd grade, they will be a Clover-bud until the next 4-H year. Clover-bud programs are non-competitive.

4-H Members: must be 8 or older as of September 1 and in the 3rd grade or older. Age classifications in a three-age division activity the classifications are as follows: Junior-3rd-5th grade and 8 years old or older as of September 1. Intermediate-Grades 6th-8th and Senior-grades 9-12th. In a two-age division event the grades are as follows: Junior grades 3-7th and Senior grades 8-12th. To participate in activities beyond the county members must have been enrolled for a minimum of 30 days. 4-H members must be associated with a 4-H club. Please keep in mind livestock shows and fairs set their own age requirements for events and those rules apply for those events. Please check listings for specific fairs and stock shows.

Pittsburg County has the largest 4-H program in Oklahoma. 4-H clubs are available at the following schools-Canadian, Crowder, Indianola, Quinton, Jones Academy, Hartshorne, Haileyville, Krebs, Frink-Chambers, Savanna, Kiowa, Pittsburg, Haywood, Tannehill, McAlester High School, Edmond Doyle, Will Rogers and Puterbaugh. We also have a community club called Clover Power. Pittsburg County also has shooting sports in the following disciplines-Archery, Shotgun, Air Rifle, Air Pistol, .22 Rifle, .22 Pistol and Muzzleloader.

Discipline Age Requirement

Air Rifle—9 Years

Archery—9 Years

Shotgun—10 Years

Air Pistol—12 Years

.22 Rifle*—12 Years

.22 Pistol**— 14 Years

Black Powder/Muzzle Loading—14Years

* Youth must have successfully completed the Air Rifle project training prior to participation in .22 rifle.

** Youth must have successfully completed the Air Pistol project training prior to participation in .22 pistol.

Shooting Sports Instructors Will provide 4-H members a minimum of 8 hours of instruction within each shooting sports discipline in which the member is enrolled. These eight (8) hours include members completing the appropriate shooting sports curriculum and instructional time on the range. NOTE: While 8 hours or completion of the appropriate curricula is a minimum, this does not infer nor guarantee that a 4-H member has demonstrated the safety and skill necessary to participate in competitive events. Additional instruction may be necessary before a member is ready to participate in competitive events. 4-H members must have completed Hunter Safety Education to compete in 4-H shooting sports events.

For more information please give us a call at the office at 423-4120 or email me at 4-H events and activities schedules and fliers will be available soon and may be picked up at our office or through your local 4-H club.

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