Greg Owen

Greg Owen

Oklahoma was one of 36 states competing in the 2019 National 4-H Shooting Sports Championships in Grand Island, Nebraska.

More than 660 4-H’ers, including 25 from Oklahoma, participated.

Pittsburg County 4-H’ers who took part in the competition included TK Santino, Rykken Brownlee and Emily Harmon of MHS.

Terry Nelson, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension assistant specialist in the State 4-H Office and serves at the statewide coordinator for the shooting sports program, said Oklahoma 4-H’ers did something they had never done before.

“For the first time in Oklahoma 4-H shooting sports history, our shotgun team placed in the top 5 each day of the competition and earned 4th place overall in the competition,” Nelson said. “Our club members work hard all year long to earn a spot on our national team. This is the biggest shooting sports event each year. The opening ceremony has each state parade in, just like they do in the Olympics.”

There are several disciplines in which to participate and Oklahoma was represented in each discipline, including the air pistol, air rifle, compound archery, muzzleloader, smallbore pistol, smallbore rifle and shotgun. Rykken Brownlee and Emily Harmon competed in Air Rifle. Rykken placed-56th in 3 Position, 59thin All Standing, and 57th in Silhouette with an overall placing of 60th. Emily Harmon placed-75th in 3 Position, 77th in All Standing, 78th in Silhouette and 77th Overall. The Air Rifle team placed 15th overall. TK Santino competed in Smallbore Pistol. He placed 37th in Slow Fire Bullseye, 56th in Silhouette, 47th in Camp Perry and 53rd Overall. The Smallbore Pistol team placed 15th overall.

Our office is really proud of our kids from Pittsburg County. They did a great job representing our county and Oklahoma at the national competition.

Nelson said the shooting sports program encompasses all the goals of the Oklahoma 4-H Youth Development Program.

“Through shooting sports, our members are learning about leadership, self-confidence, goal setting, problem solving, personal safety and more,” Nelson said. “It’s a great way to create positive adult/youth partnerships while teaching safe and responsible use of firearms and archery equipment.”

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