THUMBS UP to all who will participate in the next Pride in McAlester volunteer project — mapping nonworking street lights throughout the city.

Pride in McAlester’s continued efforts to better our city is summed up in the organization’s name.

We should take pride in our city and our neighborhoods. Pride shouldn’t just be an attitude — it should involve action as well.

Remember those times in your life when you accomplished a task — major or minor? You were able to step back and look at the finished product and realize the effort it took to complete the project.

That’s pride.

There’s nothing wrong in being proud of hard work, effort and accomplishment.

To truly be proud of our city takes the willingness to participate in efforts to improve the city. You have another opportunity to help improve our city.

Meet at 8:45 p.m. Saturday at 119 E. Choctaw Ave. if you want to be a part of Night Lights. You will find other residents who are proud of McAlester and willing to put in the effort to show pride.

We applaud the volunteers and Pride of McAlester.


THUMBS UP to the Ardeneum of Oklahoma Charitable and Educational Foundation, Inc. for offering to sell the OKLA Theatre to the city of McAlester for $1.

A renovated and fully operational OKLA Theatre would be a boon to downtown McAlester and would improve the quality of life for residents.

The offer comes with a few reasonable conditions. Those conditions are designed to ensure the OKLA would thrive under new ownership.

The Ardeneum board of directors could have gone any number of directions in regard to the OKLA.

We’re thrilled the board chose the city of McAlester to get first dibs on owning the theatre.

The price is beyond generous.

The city will have to spend money to renovate the theatre — that’s one of the conditions. But the theatre needs renovating and the city probably is in the best position to achieve the ultimate goal.

Ardeneum directors should be applauded for their generous offer.

• • •

THUMBS UP to Ashton Hackler for her willingness to volunteer at Hartshorne Animal Haven.

The incoming junior at Hartshorne High School says she loves animals and her city.

“It’s your hometown,” Hackler said. “I love this town and I wanted to do something for it.”

We hope Hackler’s attitude toward volunteering is contagious.

There is a great deal of benefit when you decide to help others in need. In Hackler’s case, it’s animals. But you can find “pet projects,” too. There are abundant volunteer opportunities throughout your community.

Volunteering is good for anyone at any age.

But we are especially proud that Hackler represents all those who learn the benefits of volunteering at a young age.

Volunteering to help others provides perspective and a purpose that can benefit you throughout your life.

We offer our gratitude to all those teens who are helping throughout the community. You are making a difference.