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It’s nearly time to vote for which pets you think should be featured in our upcoming pet calendar.

The News-Capital asked people to nominate their pets over the past few weeks for consideration on the vote — and we got a great response with a ton of adorable pets.

Each nomination included a picture of the pet, the pet’s name, names of the owners, where they live, and the pet’s favorite treat. We appreciate everyone who participated by sending in their nominations.

Next is the people’s vote to determine which pets will go in our upcoming pet calendar.

We will post pictures and bios of pets in a poll each of the next three weeks on our website with links on social media redirecting people to the poll on our website.

Then it’s up to the people to decide which ones are their favorites.

Anyone will be able to vote in the poll on our website by simply clicking on the pet calendar poll, scrolling through the pets, and then clicking on their favorite pet.

The top four vote-getters each week will be featured in our upcoming 12-month pet calendar.

A variety of pets have been nominated so far — fluffy, friendly, big, small, pawed, hoofed, and so much more.

We hope everyone has fun voting in this project that has already brought us some smiles.

• McAlester News-Capital Editorial Board

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