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Rachel Lockwood 

Everyone looks forward to summer vacation and spending more time outdoors. However, Oklahoma’s extreme temperatures can easily put you at risk for dehydration.

It is very easy to underestimate how much water you should drink to stay properly hydrated, especially when you are constantly on the move during a vacation, said Janice Hermann, Oklahoma State University nutrition specialist.

When you are on vacation, it’s easy to get caught up in sightseeing and other fun activities. For most people, thirst is typically the first indication of a need for water. Unfortunately, thirst lags behind the body’s need for water. It’s important to drink more water than what you think you need to avoid becoming dehydrated.

Obviously, one sign of dehydration is a dry mouth, but there are other symptoms that also need to be taken seriously. Other symptoms can include headache, flushed skin, weakness, dizziness, confusion, sluggishness, fainting and muscle cramps.

Although your main goal while on vacation is to have fun, it is important to drink plenty of water. Here are a few tips that will help make it easier to stay hydrated while on vacation.

Carry a reusable water bottle that you can easily refill as you go about the day. If plain water is not your favorite, use unsweetened flavoring packets or natural flavorings, such as lemon or orange slices, to liven up the water. Bottled water can be expensive, so carrying a reusable water bottle can save you a few dollars that can be spent on other fun things.

For those traveling by plane, pack an empty reusable water bottle in your carry-on bag. Why take up space with an empty water bottle? Because airport regulations do not allow more than 3.4 ounces of liquid through security. Once you’ve cleared security, passengers can fill the water bottle before boarding the plane.

If you are traveling by car, pack a cooler with bottled water and some hydrating snacks such as cucumbers, celery, baby carrots, grapes, oranges or apples.

For those of you going to a “hot” vacation destination with plans of spending lots of time outdoors, staying hydrated is important. You will need to drink more fluids to replace those lost through perspiration.

Rachel Lockwood is the Family Consumer Science Extension Educator with Pittsburg County OSU Cooperative Extension Service. For more information related to this topic or related FCS programs contact Rachel at 918-423-4120, email Rachel.lockwood@okstate.edu or on Pittsburg County OSU Website http://oces.okstate.edu/pittsburg/ or find Pittsburg County OSU Extension Center or Pittsburg County OHCE on Facebook.

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