This letter is to everyone who wishes to spend Christmas with their family and friends. For the past nine years as an employee of Pliant Corp. at the Steven Taylor Industrial Park, I too have had this option. The company has for the last nine years at least given its employees the option to work and collect overtime pay or to not work and have the time to spend with family.

This year, two weeks before Christmas, the supervisors marched into our break area and delivered the news that all employees scheduled to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will come to work as normal. The employees working will continue to get paid overtime.

This time of year is not all about money. Have the supervisors and managers of this company forgotten the reason for the season? I say maybe not, because unlike the factory workers, all office staff, including supervisors and managers, will get to take these days off with their families. Yes, these particular days happen to be their regular days off, but until this year the option was given to anyone working at the plant.

Tell me, if the holidays were to fall Monday through Friday, would they be forced to work these days as well? I am expecting that answer to be “no,” because the managerand the staff would not want to miss the time from their church services or with their families.

How would their families feel if they had to change plans that have been made for months? Or if they had to cancel a motel room that they will not be able to get a refund for? Or maybe cancel plane tickets? This is happening to some of the employees and it just isn't right.

By the way, even Wal-Mart closes to allow their employees to spend time with their families. I think that if Wal-Mart cares enough for their employees, then Pliant Corp. should too.

Michael McMahan

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