I am writing to you regarding the possible name change of Gene Stipe Boulevard. First off, let me say that I don’t understand people so interested in having their own way that they would spend our tax dollars for such a petty and ridiculous cause. The best I can tell, to change the name would entail having to change about half a dozen signs and with the city maps and phone books, a thousand or more maps. The city is struggling financially anyway and does not need to worry about the cost involved to change all the required signage and literature that would be involved.

Also, I feel the need to mention all of the businesses that have cards and stationery that would have to be reprinted. This could also be very confusing for all the traffic that we get from our surrounding states and all of the people that come from out of town for the prison rodeo and use Gene Stipe Boulevard as their primary route to the prison.

I feel that to change this street would be utter chaos and to do so because a handful of people are so small-minded that they cannot stand to have things any other way than their own is absolutely senseless. Please raise your voice against this nonsense and keep Gene Stipe Boulevard rightly named.

Brooke Ross


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