On Nov. 15, I accidentally lost my wallet at the Shell Station on U.S. Highway 69 in McAlester. I called later that day when I discovered it was missing and spoke with the folks there at the Shell station and told them it was missing and I believed it was at or near their trash can in their drive area.

Upon my return trip through McAlester at Christmas time, Dec. 21, I inquired about the missing wallet at the Shell Station and was referred to the police department. I visited the police department and asked after the wallet Apparently, Linda at the Shell station had found the wallet in November with more than $500 in it and called the McAlester Police Department. Police officer (Kevin) Bishop was dispatched to retrieve it from her.

After waiting two hours, I was referred to officer (Martin) Stites and he returned the wallet to me with all the money intact. Unbelievable! What great, honest folks you have in McAlester.

Inside the wallet I found all my identity cards including Texas drivers license, FAA pilot’s license, Texas state private security license, blank checks, ID papers and of course, all my contact information from the ID cards and three copies of my business card that were inside the wallet. They included my e-mail address, phone number, cell phone number, toll free 800 number, fax number, business address, home address and even my blood type.

I had closed the bank accounts affected and purchased new checks for the accounts and had all new credit cards issued the day after I lost the wallet. I left $100 for Linda who found it and $100 for officer Stites to contribute to his favorite charity.

I do not know why they all failed to contact me for the month that the wallet was missing, but I was sure glad to get it back.

Charles W. Dozier


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