Your column on shopping McAlester makes sense except for the taxes we are already paying and our “I could care less” city council wanting more tax from its citizens who are not responsible for their shortcomings.

Plus, the fact of the higher cost of many items in the McAlester market versus elsewhere. Plus, the fact that Oklahoma is one of the few states that still charges tax on edible items. As a rule gasoline is usually cheaper in Eufaula, Muskogee and points north and south of McAlester. My question is why?

I know of many people who go to Texas and Arkansas to purchase their edible food items due to city and state taxes. I mean a saving of more than $8 per $100 spent is, to many, a large savings. The city council, with its “know it all,” attitude, had best wake up or face more of a revenue loss.

Don Adams


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