I have searched my mind and understanding and cannot find a reason why people are offended with Christ in Christmas. Christ is the reason for the season, even though one lady spoke about there being more than just Christmas in the holiday season.

Dec. 25 has been set aside for the last 2,000 years to celebrate the birth of Christ among Christians. It seems like in the last few years that every group in the world has tried to steal that day for their own celebrations. The only other holiday close to that time would be Thanksgiving.

If we will do some checking, it was set aside by the pilgrims who came to America so they could have a freedom to worship Christ. So Christ would also be the reason for that season. I do not associate New Year’s with what is represented by these two holidays since it is just a time for everyone to get drunk and kill themselves and others on our nation’s highways.

Dec. 25 is not a special day to other religions. They all have their special time of celebration within their religious order. So, if you are of another religion and do not believe in Christ or if you are an atheist and do not even believe in God, then why don’t you take Dec. 25 off your list of special days?

You may be offended because we are being forbidden to speak in His name. I do not take part in St. Patrick’s day celebration because I am not Irish, but I am not offended because others do.

So to all who are offended because we put Christ in Christmas: Pick another day to celebrate because we had this one first.

Clarence Brinkley


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