I wanted to write and express my agreement with your opinion entitled “Slow down and give us some details.” Your column was right on. I have been amazed with the lack of out-front leadership from our new mayor, Don Lewis.

I think there is a rush to judgment on implementing new revenues.

The citizens of this community are not very far removed from recall petitions and the election of new council persons and are now having more uncertain decisions cast that could cost them more money.

How much do the people have to pay for the sins of our past leadership? Is it going to be a long-term solution?

There are too many things being discovered on a near daily basis to be able to make such decisions at this time.

Thank you for your continued probing into the problems with our city. As we have learned, nothing can be accomplished by turning a blind eye to the way things are handled at City Hall.

Gregory L. Watkins, D.D.S.


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