In reading an article in Sunday’s News-Capital, I was in agreement with Mel Stubbings when he said the revenues for the city should not be on the backs of the 7,000 or so households that have water meters.

It is only with a sales tax increase, that would be shared by everyone that makes purchases within our city, be they local people or people traveling through, that revenue can be raised fairly.

Only when the city council and city manager agree, however, and the water rate hike is totally rescinded, only then will the citizens in McAlester get out and vote and encourage the vote of an increased sales tax.

The people have not been dealt a fair hand by city management in the past, so only by this water hike and the one in January, being rescinded can city leaders show good faith to restore trust if they expect the citizens to back them in tax increases, and any increases, should they be necessary in the future.

If you feel as I do, call the city manager and your council members and let them know how you feel.

Gerri Praytor


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