I have read many articles in your paper about the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. The negative input from some tend to cast a bad light on the Department of Corrections. I for one am tired of this.

The fact is, the DOC is a great opportunity to have a career that provides a service not only the community, but also the entire state. It also gives you the opportunity to help society. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections has many different functions besides the housing and supervision of the inmate population.

Corrections has many job categories that provide great opportunities to the workforce in our state. Some of the opportunities include security, farming, ranching, case management, institutional cooks, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, councilors, doctors, nurses, accounting clerks, secretaries, warehouse workers, mechanics and many other areas.

People in our community have a great opportunity to become a part of a very exciting career with the Department of Corrections.

The promotional growth in DOC is unlimited. I cannot think of any other career that would offer better benefits, salary or training. Yes, I am proud to be a DOC employee.

We take pride in ourselves, and the mission of the department. If you want a very exciting career that offers great advancement opportunities, please take time to look at The Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

T. Crenshaw


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