This is a time to be thankful… One person can make a difference…

It seems easy to be negative when people are reminded daily of the problems around us. The news is full of tragedy and crime. People are divided on racial issues, political issues, educational issues, gender issues… and the list goes on and on.

What can bring us together? Can one person make a difference? Yes. It is okay to be different, to have different beliefs, views, and opinions and still be positive, kind, and accepting. The other day, a friend told me he was having a frustrating day and in a bad mood. Someone in front of him in line at a fast food restaurant paid for his meal. The kind act changed his mood. This also affected the children with him. The person in front of the line didn’t know what my friend believed in. It did not matter. Even a simple act like a smile or a held open door, can reset a person’s outlook and create a domino effect that can pass on to others. Kindness brings us all together.

We can, together, one person at a time, make this world a better place. Slow down, watch out for each other, be kind. This is a time to be thankful… be thankful for each other and our differences that can make this world a better place. Be thankful for those who are kind and pass it on.

— Jennifer Heflin, Clayton

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