A few years back I bought a DIY American Flag kit, proudly made in the USA. After some assembling I chose a location that could be seen at the kitchen window and from the approaching driveway.

It became a part of this guy's daily routine...up in the morning...down at dusk. Kind of like it was when I was growing up before WWII in a very large city. This was the American Flag routine I learned back then in the grade school I attended. Eventually I earned a spot on the American Flag Crew whose responsibility it was to raise the flag before school and take it down when the "go home" bell rang in the afternoon. The crew learned how to correctly unfold, raise, salute, lower, fold and return the Stars and Stripes to the principal's office. At that time on the "field of blue" there were 48 bright stars.

This summer in late July, as I looked through the kitchen window, it came to me that some adjustments to the Star Spangled Banner were crying out to me. The TV news had again given us the morbid numbers of deaths, the newly infected and those patients on ventilators. These were not just numbers, but mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, family, friends and loved ones.

On my "Made in America" flagpole, The Grand Old Flag is, at least for now, honoring those who are no longer with...HONORING THEM AT HALF-MAST!

— Edward Harrington, McAlester

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