Jim Grego

Jim Grego

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These past two years have flown by and I’m asking the voters for another two.

The job of being your state representative is by far the most rewarding position I have held in my working life. I had previously spent 23 years in a postal career and I thought that job centered around customer service, but now I know what true customer service is. The most rewarding aspect of serving as your state representative is the ability to help constituents with everyday problems that they often don’t know who to turn to. I have had the privilege of helping people with problems ranging from child support and visitation to timely filing of unemployment claims, to even assisting with an organ transplant list. I am also involved with a “Land Grab” from the Corp of Engineers who are trying to take land away that has been in a single family for 100 years, and everything in-between and I’ve loved every minute of it! People often mistakenly believe a legislator simply goes to the Capitol, votes on some bills and returns home. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This past spring with the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed us to problems we didn’t even know existed.

Some bills I have been successful with include HB 1150 allowing for the purchase of feral pig traps. HB 1149 would have reversed the closure of the Talihina Veteran’s Center. I was able to get this bill through committee but could not secure the votes for passage on the House floor. HB 2528 was a request bill from the city of Savanna for some help with speed control in their city. I co-authored HB 1182 which will remove the license from doctors who perform abortions. I was the principal author of HB 2995 which will create an advisory committee to study the best options for Talihina Veteran’s Center future. I was also co-author of SB 1728 which passed. It will place financial constraints on doctors who perform abortions. I’ve always maintained my opposition to legalizing marijuana but the people spoke and we were tasked with passing some regulations on this industry.

In closing, I am asking for your vote again on June 30. I truly believe with all the chaos in our state today, keeping steady and experienced elected officials in office is the right thing to do. Thank you, let’s stay “rural strong” and God bless.

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