McAlester Vote

McAlester vote

Some races for local elected office will be decided in the June 30 primaries and runoffs — so take time to go vote.

We must not take for granted the power citizens have to choose our government representatives at the local, state and national levels.

Less than 16% of the nearly 10,000 registered voters cast a ballot in the February election for McAlester mayor.

Voter turnout in the races for city council seats in Wards 1, 3, and 5 also failed to reach 16% of the number of registered voters in each ward.

We must do better if we expect change — or if we want to keep things the same.

Every adult Oklahoman not serving a felony conviction is eligible to vote — but it wasn't always that way. Women and people of color have faced obstacles to vote throughout the nation's history. Oklahoma women recently celebrated the 100th year of being able to vote.

Those challenges and milestones make our right and ability to vote more important.

For anyone who says "I didn't know about the election" or "I don't know about any of the candidates" — pick up any copy of our paper from this month, look at our election coverage online, watch our election forums on our Facebook page.

You can also do additional research as many of the candidates have delivered campaign materials to homes, knocked on doors, and have their own social media pages.

Just make sure to be informed about candidates and issues for these upcoming elections.

Then go vote.

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