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People often post a social media comment on our stories without reading its content.

The News-Capital focuses its resources on reporting about local issues, while providing coverage of state and national issues relevant to our readers through content from the Associated Press and papers within our parent company, CNHI.

Politics during an election year seem to always heighten tension between parties, candidates, voters — our community.

Social media just fans the flames as people throw out wild accusations and misinformation to fit their own agendas and beliefs. But knee-jerk reactions based on a headline or a picture are out of context and not productive.

The purpose of a headline is to quickly and accurately draw attention to a story so people will read its full content. It is often difficult to boil down a story on a subject as complex as the reasons behind racial unrest nationwide, or how people balance the risk of becoming infected during a global pandemic and participating in a protest or rally. 

That's why we ask everyone to read a story before commenting on our social media sites.

We value your opinion and want to share your thoughts, opinions and ideas. Our nation is great because we have so many freedoms, including the freedom to peacefully express ourselves.

But the News-Capital will not tolerate attacks and misinformation in our comments.

We believe the world needs more kindness and fewer volatile ramblings online that further divide our nation and our community.

This isn't about who's right or wrong an any issue. It's about all of us needing to treat each other with respect.

We can all be civil in disagreements. We should all be able to disagree and still live together in unity.

A reminder from our social media policy:

"McAlester News-Capital reserves the right to remove comments with false information or private information about stories and victims, libelous and personal attacks toward others, and comments using profanity or irrelevant to the original post.

"Our page uses an algorithm that automatically hides comments with profanity and we monitor the comments for violations of this policy.

"Anyone who repeatedly uses offensive posts may be banned from commenting. We value civility as the digital world sometimes seems evermore bitter — so we ask you to help us share the news with civil and relevant comments."

Anyone who repeatedly violates our policy will be banned, but that doesn't mean we're taking away anyone's freedom of speech. You still have that freedom on your personal page.

We appreciate everyone for considering this reminder. Stay safe and be kind.

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