Due to COVID restrictions we made some adjustments to our County 4-H Shooting Sports Contests this year. Rather than hold our events on set days like we normally do, we did the participation for the students by appointment to limit the number of people in attendance each day. We held the shooting activities throughout the month of August. The 4-H Shooting Sports contests are a part of the county fair, but they are held prior to the County Fair. Results for Archery and Shotgun contests were as follows:

Archery Compound

Intermediate (ages 12-14)

1st Place-Jonathan Bullard, Clover Power

2nd Place-Luke Clifton, Puterbaugh

3rd Place-Danny Pierce, Clover Power

Senior (ages 15+)

1st Place-Gauge Parker, Crowder

2nd Place-Rykken Brownlee, MHS

3rd Place-Colton Scott, Pittsburg

4th Place-Emily Harmon, Clover Power

5th Place-Jenna Gaberino, MHS

Archery Recurve


1st Place-Jonathan Bullard

2nd Place-Luke Clifton

3rd Place-Danny Pierce


1st Place-Melanie Box, Indianola

2nd Place-Colton Scott

3rd Place-Rykken Brownlee

4th Place-Jenna Gaberino

Shotgun Trap


1st Place-Jonathan Bullard

2nd Place-Hayden Labor, Kiowa

3rd Place-Talan Shannon, Kiowa

4th Place-Alan Sutmiller, Canadian

5th Place-Luke Clifton


1st Place-Gauge Parker

2nd Place-Caleb Morgan, Canadian

3rd Place-Rykken Brownlee

4th Place-Colt Short, Quinton

5th Place-Colton Scott

6th Place-Jaxton West, Quinton

7th Place-Garrett Parker, Crowder

8th Place-Ethan Brooks, Crowder

9th Place-Abby Lyons, Canadian

Shotgun Skeet


1st Place-Hayden Labor

2nd Place-Talan Shannon

3rd Place-Jonathan Bullard

4th Place-Luke Clifton

5th Place-Alan Sutmiller


1st Place-Ethan Brooks

2nd Place-Colton Scott

3rd Place-Gauge Parker

4th Place-Rykken Brownlee

5th Place-Garrett Parker

6th Place-Jaxton West

7th Place-Caleb Morgan

8th Place-Colt Short

9th Place-Abby Lyons

Overall Hi Point for all contests by age division were as follows:


1st Place-Jordyn Washington, Clover Power

2nd Place-Shane Francies


1st Place-Jonathan Bullard

2nd Place-Luke Clifton

3rd Place-Danny Pierce


1st Place-Rykken Brownlee

2nd Place-Colton Scott

3rd Place-Emily Harmon

For more information about these and other 4-H events and activities please give us a call at the office at 423-4120 or email me at greg.owen@okstate.edu.

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