Ashli Faler is shown in 2009 (left) and in 2019 (right.)

A woman who escaped from the Wyoming Department of Corrections in 2009 was captured last week in Krebs.

Ashli Faler, 32, was taken into custody Aug. 1 by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation after the agency learned the woman might be in the McAlester area. Pittsburg County Jail records show she remained in the jail on Friday awaiting her extradition back to Wyoming.

Faler was sentenced to a 1.5 to 3-year prison sentence for forgery (conspiracy) in 2008 out of Hot Springs County in Wyoming, according to Wyoming DOC records.

“Faler was received into the Wyoming Women’s Center on 11/12/08 and was accepted into an Adult Community Corrections Center in Casper, Wyoming, on 4/23/2009,” said Wyoming DOC Public Information Officer Mark Horan.

Horan said Faler was granted parole in May 2009 “contingent upon completion of the ACC program.” Horan did not know the exact amount of time Faler had left to serve at the time of her escape “but it doesn’t look like much,” Horan said. “Perhaps only two or three months.”

Horan said the woman “walked away” from the Casper Reentry Center on or around Oct. 30, 2009 and was placed on escape status.

“If she had been on parole or probation status, we would have considered her an absconder from supervision,” Horan said. “But since she was still on inmate status, she was considered an escapee, even though it was not an escape from a secure prison facility.”

The Krebs and McAlester Police Departments assisted OSBI in the arrest.

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