Greg Owen

Greg Owen

The State 4-H Program will be hosting their annual 4-H Air Rifle and Air Pistol Contests on Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015 at the Kingfisher County Fairgrounds. Registrations for those events are $10 each and are due to the State 4-H Office by January 26, 2015. Participating 4-H members must have been pre-qualified in this discipline to shoot for 4-H and must have a Hunter Safety number on file. This activity starts at 9 a.m. Age divisions for Air Rifle include-Junior (ages 9-11); Intermediate (12-13) and Senior (14+). Age divisions for Air Pistol include-Intermediate (ages 12-13) and Senior (ages 14+). Age is determined 1/1/15.

Junior Air Rifle will compete in Standard three position sporter air rifle-10 shots each position-standing, kneeling and prone. Members will be given 1 minute per record shot. Junior 4-H members will only compete in this event. Intermediate and Senior Air Rifle will compete in the standard three position shoot, plus Sporter Standing Event which includes 30 shots-10 shots per target (standing only). Ten minutes will be given per target, 1 minute per record shot standing. Intermediate and Senior will also compete in the Silhouette. The Silhouette event will include 40 shots at 10 shots per target. The Silhouette division will be standing shots only. Additional rules for these contests are available through our office.

State 4-H Air Pistol Rules-This contest includes the Slow-Fire-Bulls-eye with 40 shots, 20 shot strings, 5 shots per bull. This event allows for 5 minutes for unlimited sighting shots. This event is one handed hold, standing. This event also includes the Timed Fire/Rapid Fire Combo which will be 40 record shots, 5 shots per bull. The Timed fire will be 20 seconds per string of 5 shots, 4 strings of 5 shots. The Rapid fire will be 10 seconds per string of 5 shots, 4 strings of 5 shots. This event is two handed unsupported. Hands and arms must be free of the body and may not touch beyond the wrists (as silhouette) or one hand; standing. This event also includes the Air Pistol Silhouette-40 total shots. Thirty seconds ready time and 2 minutes firing time for each bank of 5 targets. Only standing positions may be used; two hand holds permitted but the hands and arms must be free of the body and may not touch beyond the wrists. Additional rules for this contest are available through our office.

For more information about these and other 4-H events and activities please give us a call at the office at 423-4120 or email me at

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Greg Owen is the Extension 4-H Youth Development Educator for the Pittsburg County Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service. (phone: 423-4120; e-mail:

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