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This report reflects public felony cases filed at the Pittsburg County Courthouse between the dates listed. The reader should keep in mind that these are charges, and not evidence of guilt. Active arrest warrants issued by the court are included in this report. Disposition of charges are published in subsequent reports. Many names are similar and, in some cases, identical to a person not being charged. When names are identical, the News-Capital will publish a disclaimer, which more completely identifies the person being charged.


Steven Kenneth Ayers, 44, McAlester — Burglary in the second degree

Billy Don Carlton Jr., 33, Hartshorne — Manslaughter, driving with license cancelled/suspended/revoked

Madison Elizabeth Harris, 29, McAlester — Child endangerment by driving under the influence, driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol

Adam Leon Ingram, 36, no address given — Domestic abuse-assault and battery

Jeremy Don Shelton, 44, Hartshorne — Home repair fraud

Michael Anthony Ramirez, 20, Kiowa — Child abuse by injury, domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor x2, domestic assault and battery against a pregnant woman

Matthew Shane Moon, 21, McAlester — Attempted larceny of an automobile, assault and battery, trespassing after being forbidden

Katie Jo Carlton, 30, Hartshorne — Intimidation of witness, threaten to perform act of violence

Jason Eric Tipton, 46, Krebs — Entering with intent to steal copper, malicious injury to property over $1,000

Kenneth Lee Hogan, 49, no address given — Larceny of an automobile, malicious injury to property over $1,000

Michael Winsor, 44, McAlester — Possession of firearm after former felony conviction x2, burglary in the second degree, knowingly receiving or concealing stolen property, trespassing after being forbidden x2, obstructing an officer


Joshua Simon, 37, McAlester, received a two-year suspended sentence for being a sex offender living within safety zones around elementary and junior high schools, child care facilities, and playgrounds.

Cheynell Marie Livingston, 36, McAlester, received an 18-month deferred sentence for misdemeanor malicious injury to property after a felony count of malicious injury to property was reduced.

A 2017 charge of embezzlement of rental property was dismissed against Mckayla Maureen Wynn, 32, Hugo, in the interest of justice after restitution was paid.

Larceny of an automobile and malicious injury to property over $1,000 were dismissed against Kenneth Lee Hogan, 49, no address given, at the request of the victim.

—Derrick James

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