Pam Smith

DERRICK JAMES | Staff photo

Challenger Pam Smith was elected as the Pittsburg County Court Clerk.

The vote was within a couple-hundred votes all night, with Smith winning the seat over incumbent Cindy Ledford, who held the office for more than 13 years.

The final vote was 2,493 votes, or 53.49% for Smith, and 2,168 votes, or 46.51% for Ledford, a difference of 325 votes.

Smith said she knew the election would be close.

“I didn’t think it was going to be a landslide either way,” Smith said.

She said over the next four years, she is going to work hard for all the constituents of Pittsburg County and move the office forward.

“I’m going to work more closely with the budget and living within it,” Smith said. “Trying to do more stuff with the older files to get those caught up and stored up, as well as working on the electronic part and working with outside funding.”

Smith said she would like to thank the voters of Pittsburg County for putting her in the seat and everybody on her team that helped her along the way.

“Everybody who helped put up signs, everybody that helped in any way at all,” Smith said. “Had a lot of people making phone calls, lot of people walking streets for me. I would like to thank family, friends, family friends, voters, all of that.”

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