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The town of Quinton experienced a 3.7 magnitude earthquake on Aug. 18. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission suspended Houston-based Trinity Resources after the quake.

An operator of a wastewater disposal well near Quinton was ordered to cease operations Friday following a swarm of earthquakes over the past week.

“We have directed the operator to shut the well in today, pending further investigation,” said Oklahoma Corporation Commission spokeswoman Sarah Terry-Cobo.

Terry-Cobo identified the well operator as Waterbridge Arkoma Operating LLC.

The well, according to coordinates provided by the OCC, is located near the intersection of State Highway 2 and Mustang Fuel Road near Quinton.

“We are going to have an inspector verify that they are shut in,” Terry-Cobo said.

The suspension of the well operation comes after numerous earthquakes, including a pair of magnitude 3.2 tremors, were recorded near Quinton over the past week.

After the tremors, inspectors from the OCC were sent out to the area last week to search for any unregistered fracking operations in the area as such operations have occurred in the past without any notification to the OCC, according to Terry-Cobo.

“When we look at earthquakes and we look at correlation, there are two things we are looking for. One of the things we are looking for are Arbuckle disposal wells and the other thing we are looking for is well completions, which include hydraulic fracturing,” Terry-Cobo said. “Initially we haven’t found any of those things.”

Terry-Cobo said staff from the OCC met Thursday with seismologists and other staff from the Oklahoma Geological Survey who made some recommendations and looked at and requested more documentation as the investigation continues.

This is the second suspension of a well operation since Aug. 2019 when a magnitude 3.7 earthquake was recorded in the Quinton area. The well completion operation that was ordered to cease operation remains halted, according to the OCC.

A seismic recording station was installed near Quinton by the OGS after the series of seismic events with plans for more recording station in the area in the future.

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