Miss McAlester

Alexandria Williams

Nearly one year ago Alexandria Williams was named Miss McAlester 2018.

Now, Williams is set to pursue her next dream of becoming Miss Oklahoma 2018.

The McAlester native decided to go one step further in her desire to raise awareness of human trafficking by competing in this year’s Miss Oklahoma Pageant, set to take place from Tuesday, June 5 to Thursday, June 7, and finals are set for Saturday, June 9 at River Spirit Casino Resort in Tulsa.

Williams said she feels humbled and honored to be able to represent McAlester in the upcoming Miss Oklahoma pageant.

“To be Miss Oklahoma would be a dream come true,” she said.

Williams said she has always looked up to Miss McAlester’s title and aura since she was young.

“I always wanted to be (Miss McAlester),” Williams said. “Since I have become her it hasn’t felt real, but I told myself if I ever get the honor of being Miss McAlester I would take it full speed ahead and hopefully become Miss Oklahoma or Miss America.”

William’s said her platform “Can you see me now?” of raising awareness of human trafficking will remain the same.

Williams has spoken to numerous schools and churches in McAlester and surrounding areas during her reign as Miss McAlester to bring awareness to human trafficking and the importance of self-worth and Williams said she will continue to speak to the younger generations.

“My platform is the same and is relevant for both human trafficking victims and the younger generation who want to find their own strengths and direction to help them better succeed in their future,” Williams said.

Williams said the Beautiful Dream Society, a nonprofit organization, whose goal is to raise awareness, takes legal action where appropriate and offers rehabilitation services to rescued victims of human trafficking in order to fight the injustice from a comprehensive approach, and has helped her mission of raising awareness in southeast Oklahoma.

Williams has also published her first novella about women’s trafficking awareness — which tells victims’ stories from McAlester and South Africa — titled “Stand for the Silent” and said she is currently working on publishing her second novel titled “No Vacancy” that reflects past stories of victims for Oklahoma City and South Africa.

Williams has also hosted an educational lunch and also a local golf tournament to raise awareness for her platform.

“I am excited and ready to take this to the next level,” she said.

Williams said she has been working hard to prepare for the upcoming pageant by participating in vigorous physical and mental training.

“After I was crowned Miss McAlester I began to get my ducks in a row,” Willaims said.

She said she began training with Brian Attebery, of Edmond, with Results Fitness.

“He was able to sit down with me starting in August and monthly he holds me accountable for my fitness routines,” Williams said.

Williams said her wardrobe for the pageant is custom-made and her talent portion will be a tap dance routine.

“My wardrobe is perfect for what I want to do and the personality I want to show,” she said. “I think my evening gown is by far my favorite because it is kind of my “Wonder Woman” outfit and makes me feel empowered and confident like I conquer the world in it.”

Williams said her tap routine is a competitive high-intensity tap routine to the class 80s song “I Love Rock and Roll” with a modern twist.

Williams said if she is crowned Miss Oklahoma, she will continue on to compete for Miss America.

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