A portion of U.S. Highway 270 on the west side of Krebs remains narrowed to one traffic lane in each direction as a highway resurfacing project continues.

Normally a four-lane highway between McAlester and Krebs, the roadway is closed to two lanes for about a half-mile of shoulder and surface work. Concrete barriers separate lanes on that stretch of highway.

Road construction on the highway includes repairs to the bridge approaches, surface and shoulders.

“Put simply, they will be laying asphalt in these locations as they rehabilitate the pavement,” Andrew Craig, of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, said in response to a query.

ODOT awarded the project to C3 Construction, Inc., of Ada, at a contract cost of$212,000.

The speed limit along U.S. Highway 270 in Krebs approaching the construction project has been reduced from 45 mph to 35 mph

On another project set for early spring, ODOT plans to close the off-ramp to Krebs from U.S. Highway 270 used by drivers heading east from McAlester that leads to the bridge over 270 and then on through Krebs to State Highway 31. The off-ramp will be closed for rehabilitation work on the bridge. Craig said ODOT will put out a notice before that project gets underway.

That project is expected to last until early summer, with the timeline dependent on the weather, Craig said.

Another ODOT project expected to begin in the next six-to-eight weeks is one to rehabilitate the pavement on U.S. Highway 69 a half-mile north of where the U.S. 270 bridge crosses over the highway, between McAlester and Krebs. ODOT will provide updates as the project gets closer, Craig said.

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