TLC Wig Closet

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Ashley Lerblance, center, shows some of the wigs and other items available for use by cancer victims and others at the TLC Wig Closet on the third floor of the McAlester Regional Health Center. Also shown are Lynn Mattox, left, and Danny Barlow, right, representing Spirit AeroStystems employees, who made a $3,500 donation to The Wig Closet in May 2017. 

Jeanne LeFlore, manager of volunteer services at McAlester Regional Health Center, details upcoming fundraisers benefiting the TLC Wig Closet.

1. What is the goal for these food fundraisers?

On Friday The Masons are having a Spaghetti Dinner and Pie Auction at the McAlester Scottish Rite Center at Second and Adams, on Friday, November 8, at The goal is to raise money for the TLC Wig Closet. TLC Wig Closet provides wigs, head coverings for cancer patients at no charge. The closet it inside McAlester Regional Health Center and it ran by volunteers.

2. How much of the proceeds go toward the TLC Wig Closet?

All the proceeds, every single penny, will be used to purchase wigs and head coverings for the TLC wig close.

3. Are other organizations helping with fundraisers for TLC?

The TLC Wig Closet always accepts donations. Due to unforeseen circumstances, our normal fundraisers were canceled this year. We usually have a T-Shirt sale and 5K.

4. How does TLC Wig Closet help the community?

The TLC Wig Closet benefits the community by helping cancer patients feel good about themselves again. When a woman loses her hair on top of going through the trauma of cancer diagnosis, and treatment, it can be devastating. It’s heartbreaking not only for her, but for her whole family. Something as simple as wig can help ease the traumatic effects of chemotherapy.

5. How else can people help TLC Wig Closet?

We need pies for Friday night, and We need volunteers! Contact Ashley Lerblance at 918-429-2131 or Jeanne LeFlore 918-916-6586.

The wig closet is a private, tastefully decorated and comfortable space where women meet one-on-one with someone who understands their journey.

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