5 THINGS TO KNOW: Pride in McAlester Night Lights volunteer day


Pride In McAlester Executive Director Megan Waters details the upcoming Night Lights volunteer day.

1. What will we do for Night Lights?

This is an easy summer volunteer project. We pair up in teams of two, drive around an area of McAlester with a specific map, and look for street lights that are not working. You don’t have to leave your air conditioned car, you don’t even have to roll down a window.

2. What do I need to bring?

A partner if you have one, a team needs a licensed driver and a spotter of any age old enough to read a map. We don’t want a solo driver out there trying to mark a map and drive at the same time. If you don’t have a partner, we should be able to pair you with another. Your vehicle is good too. Map, clipboard and writing pen will be provided.

3. Where do I need to be and when?

119 E. Choctaw, formerly Rene & Roy’s, or formerly Hunt’s, depending on what you remember. 8:45 pm. We know it’s late for some, but to check street lights they have to be on. We’ll meet outside at 119 E. Choctaw for brief instructions and handing out of maps to mark.

4. How long will this take?

Not long at all, an hour at the very most. Each team will have a map and designated area. After you check your street lights in your designated area, bring back the map and you are done! Last year some folks treated this like a date night and went out to dinner before the project time.

5. What’s next for Pride In McAlester?

August volunteer project will be storm water drain markers. We will be attaching curb markers on storm drains reminding citizens No Dumping anything down storm drains.