THINGS TO KNOW: More than 300 laws take effect

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Here is a look at some of the more than 300 new laws that will take effect in Oklahoma on Nov. 1. More laws signed by Gov. Kevin Stitt can be found by visiting

HB 1071 — allows speed limits to be set at 80 mph for Oklahoma turnpikes and 75 mph for rural segments of the interstate highway system after being determined to be “safe and reasonable after a traffic or engineering study.”

HB 1218 — creates a new provision for burn bans and adds air temperatures at or more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit over a three-day span to the extreme fire danger definition.

HB 1259 — allows voters to take photo of their election ballot and post it on social media if the vote was cast voluntarily and in compliance with state and federal law. The law prohibits the disclosure of how one voted within the election enclosure.

HB 2597 — allows Oklahoma residents over the age of 21 or the age of 18 if in the armed forces or National Guard, to open carry or conceal a firearm without a permit or training as long as the person is not disqualified to do so.

HB 1269 — allows State Question 780 to be applied retroactively towards people serving felony prison sentences for offenses that are now misdemeanors. The law also gives a simplified path to expungement for people with prior drug possession and low-level property convictions.

HB 2325 — allows a person under the age of 21 inside liquor stores if accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

HB 2339 — prohibits students from being vaccinated at school or on school grounds or receive a vaccine as part of the mobile vaccination effort without prior written authorization, including the signature of the parent or legal guardian of the student for the vaccine or group of vaccines to be administered during a single visit.

HB 2380 — prohibits the use and possession of a scanning or skimming device to access information on a credit or debit card without the permission of the authorized user and with the intent to defraud.

HB 2640 — requires Oklahoma law enforcement agencies to enter all missing persons and unidentified bodies into the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System within 30 days with persons under the age of 18 or missing under suspicious circumstances be entered immediately.

SB 89 — requires drivers upon approaching a stationary vehicle with its flashers on to change lanes into a lane that is not adjacent to the stationary vehicle or to slow down and proceed with due caution when passing the vehicle.

HB 1373 — prohibits “blanket bans” made by licensing authorities and will require the respective authorities to create a list of criminal records that would qualify an applicant for the license and the list can only include crimes that are directly related to the occupation.

HB 1881 — directs the courts to issue orders of no contact from people convicted of sexual abuse or exploitation crimes to their victims or the victim’s family during the full term of the confinement of the defendant, term of probation, period of deferment or term of confinement and probation of the defendant.

SB 893 — creates a $5,000 income tax exemption for anyone contracting with a child-placing agency for taxable years beginning on or after Jan. 1, 2019.

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