Southeast region in Tier 3 of state's hospital surge plan

Data from the Oklahoma State Department of Health shows the southeast Oklahoma region is in Tier 3 of the state’s hospital surge plan.

Of the 326 staffed hospital beds available in the region, 77 are filed with COVID-19 patients as of Monday with 62.5% in an intensive care unit, the data states.

Tier 3 means 20-39% of all hospitalizations in the region are COVID-19. What that means is some of the following actions will take place at the hospitals according to their internal surge plans: hospitals implementing surgical cancellation protocol and specialty surgical and post-acute care facilities actively receive low-acuity patients.

In order to move up in tiers, OSDH states hospital capacity is calculated on a regional basis with tiers triggered by each region exceeding a pre-determined threshold for three consecutive days.

The region officially entered tier 3 Dec. 18 and has since stayed above the 20% threshold.

Data shows the region was at 20.6% Dec. 16, 22.4% Dec. 17, 21.5% Dec. 18, 20.2% Dec. 19, 21.2% Dec. 20, and 23.6% on Dec. 21.

The Southeast region joins five other regions in the state in the third highest tier, the Northeast, Central, Southwest, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa.

Data from OSDH shows 2,027 active cases of COVID-19 in southeastern Oklahoma with a total of 153 deaths as of Tuesday.

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