All seniors are invited to bring their medications to the Stipe Center, 801 N. Ninth St., Tuesday to make sure they aren’t taking anything that could make them even sicker.

After all, medications can react with each other and cause big problems.

“Walgreen’s and AARP have teamed up to help our seniors better understand their medicines,” Bob Bristow, state president of AARP, said. “We want all seniors to be there Tuesday.”

He said the medicine should be brought — all of it, even if it comes from different doctors — and “a pharmacist from Walgreen’s will be there to go over the medications individually with each senior.

“The goal is to make sure there are no adverse reactions betweens the medications. Sometimes seniors will go to several different doctors and not tell each doctor what they’re getting from the other.

“And sometimes there are interactions between prescription medications and over the counter medications. We just want to evaluate everything they’re taking and make sure nothing could cause an adverse reaction.”

He said that 40 percent of the hospitalizations of senior citizens are because of adverse drug reactions.

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