HARTSHORNE — Road repair plans are in place for Hartshorne.

City councilors recently reviewed a three-phase plan to improve roads in Hartshorne that will start with the first phase in mid- to late-September.

Hartshorne Mayor Ashley Faulkner thanked Pittsburg County District 1 Commissioner Charlie Rogers for working with the city to help plan to fix roads.

Faulkner said the city contracted Infrastructure Solutions for $2,500 to compile a road assessment report before city officials met with Rogers to discuss a plan.

A copy of the plans shows the first phase will include the following:

• Ninth Street (from U.S. Highway 270 to Cherokee Avenue)

• 12th Street (from U.S. Highway 270 to Highland Avenue)

• 11th Street (from U.S. Highway 270 to Shawnee Avenue)

• each of the following streets from 11th to 12th: Shawnee Avenue, Cherokee Avenue, Arapahoe Avenue, Ute Avenue, Quapaw Avenue, and Peoria Avenue

A copy of the road assessment report shows few Hartshorne roads in good condition.

The report assigns grades to streets in each of the four wards with 1 being in good condition and 5 being the worst.

Each road was graded for raveling, patching, debunking, rutting, settlement, potholes, wheel track cracking, block and transverse cracking, longitudinal cracking, edge cracking, thermal cracking, distortion and drainage on the five-point scale. Roads were also assigned grades on a 10-point scale for traffic and received total scores.

Results were sorted from the roads with the highest scores (which equated to the worst conditions) to the lowest (or the roads in the best condition).

Ward 1’s worst roads were 14th Street (from Lehigh to the highway) and 12th Street (from the highway to Lehigh) as both streets received a 48 total score. The best road in Ward 1 was Arapahoe (from 13th to 12th) with a six.

The worst roads in Ward 2 were Kali Inla (from 12th to 15th) with a score of 49, and 14th Street (from North Street to Lehigh) with a 48. Ward 2’s best road was 12th Street (from Dianna to North Street) with a 19.

Ward 3’s worst roads were Sixth Street (Highway to WWTP), Lehigh (from Seventh to Fifth), Seminole (from Fifth to Seventh), Choctaw (from Seventh to Fifth), and Carbon (from Fifth to Third) with all receiving grades of 51. Kali Inla (from Third to Choctaw) and First Street (from Sioux to Penn) received grades of 48. The best streets in Ward 3 were Modoc (from Third to Sixth) and Margaret, which each scored an 11.

The worst roads in Ward 4 were Kiowa (from Ninth to Tenth) with a grade of 51, and Chickasaw (from Tenth to Ninth) and Tenth Street (from Cherokee to the highway) each received a 47. Ward 4’s best road was Jupiter, which scored a six.

City officials said they hope to have the second and third phases of the project completed next summer.

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