Greg Owen

Greg Owen

We originally planned to do an In Person Impressive Dress during the spring but due to COVID-19 restrictions that was not possible.

We decided to make it a virtual contest and the kids could submit their entries via email. We had a great turnout with 59 entries. We now have the results and they are as follows:

Senior (grades 8-12) Grand Champions-

Casual-Zoe Boatright, Clover Power

Dress-Elby Tripp, Krebs

Formal-Brooklyn Autrey, Hartshorne

Sports-Shannon Francies, Clover Power

Western-Brooklyn Autrey, Hartshorne

Junior (grades 3-7) Grand Champions-

Casual-Sara Kellogg, Frink-Chambers

Dress-Sabyn Gaither, Frink-Chambers

Formal-Aspen Kelley, Frink-Chambers

Sports-MaKayla Autrey, Hartshorne

Western-Jaylee Kelso, Quinton

Ribbon winners were as follows-

Blue-Hartshorne-Brooklyn Autrey (5 ribbons), MaKayla Autrey (4 ribbons), Spencer Autrey (4 ribbons); Clover Power-Zoe Boatright (4 ribbons), Shannon Francies (4 ribbons), Shane Francies (3 ribbons), Mariska Shields (3 ribbons); Krebs-Elby Tripp (3 ribbons); Frink-Chambers-Sara Kellogg, Sabyn Gaither (3 ribbons), Aspen Kelley (3 ribbons); Quinton-Jaylee Kelso (5 ribbons); Crowder-Solar Starr (5 ribbons); Puterbaugh-Adarra Wilson (2 ribbons).

Green Participation Ribbon (Clover-buds grades K-2)-Frink-Chambers-Sadie Miller (2 ribbons); Hartshorne-Bentley Autrey (5 ribbons); Clover Power-Mikey Shields (3 ribbons).

For more information about this and other 4-H events and activities please give us a call at the office at 423-4120 or email me at

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