Greg Owen

Greg Owen

The Pittsburg County 4-H Archery and Shotgun contests were held recently in coordination with the Pittsburg County Free Fair. Results for these events were as follows:

Junior Compound Archery (ages 9-11)

1st Place-Benjamin Hovey, Clover Power

Intermediate Compound Archery (ages 12-14)

1st Place-Luke Clifton, Puterbaugh

2nd Place-Danny Pierce, Clover Power

3rd Place-Jonathan Bullard, Clover Power

4th Place-Alan Sutmiller, Canadian

5th Place-Ammon Hovey, Clover Power

6th Place-Samuel Hovey, Clover Power

Senior Compound Archery (ages 15+)

1st Place-Rykken Brownlee, MHS

2nd Place-Jenna Gaberino, MHS

3rd Place-Colton Scott, Pittsburg

Junior Recurve Archery

1st Place-Benjamin Hovey

Intermediate Recurve Archery

1st Place-Luke Clifton

2nd Place-Jonathan Bullard

3rd Place-Ammon Hovey

4th Place-Samuel Hovey

5th Place-Danny Pierce

6th Place-Alan Sutmiller

Senior Recurve Archery

1st Place-Colton Scott

2nd Place-Rykken Brownlee

3rd Place-Jenna Gaberino

Intermediate Shotgun Trap

1st Place-Jonathan Bullard

2nd Place-Alan Sutmiller

Senior Shotgun Trap

1st Place-Rykken Brownlee

2nd Place-Jaxton West, Quinton

3rd Place-Colt Short, Quinton

4th Place-Colton Scott

Intermediate Shotgun Skeet

1st Place-Jonathan Bullard

2nd Place-Alan Sutmiller

Senior Shotgun Skeet

1st Place-Colton Scott

2nd Place-Rykken Brownlee

In addition, we conducted a Shooting Sports Hi Point that combined Archery, Shotgun, Air Rifle and Pistol and .22 Rifle and Pistol. The Rifle and Pistol contests were held prior to the archery and shotgun contests. Hi Point combines all placings for each age group. The Hi Point Results for the 2021 County 4-H Shooting Sports Contests were as follows:

Junior Hi Point

1st Place-Benjamin Hovey

2nd Place-Jordyn Washington, Clover Power

3rd Place-Shane Francies, Clover Power

Intermediate Hi Point

1st Place-Jonathan Bullard

2nd Place-Luke Clifton

3rd Place-Alan Sutmiller

4th Place-Danny Pierce

5th Place-Spencer Autrey, Hartshorne

6th Place-Ammon Hovey

7th Place-Brooklyn Autrey, Hartshorne

8th Place-Samuel Hovey

9th Place-Shannon Francies, Clover Power

Senior Hi Point

1st Place-Rykken Brownlee

2nd Place-Colton Scott

3rd Place-Jenna Gaberino

4th Place-Jaxton West

5th Place-Alexis Futischa, Clover Power

6th Place-Colt Short

For more information about these and other 4-H events and activities please give us a call at 423-4120 or email me at


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