Pittsburg County 4-H just held our annual County 4-H Share the Fun which is a talent contest. We have vocal, theatre, dance and instrumental categories.

We had junior division which is 3rd-7th graders and senior members 8th-12th graders. The senior division winners can advance to District Share the Fun which is scheduled for February 8th at Kiowa School.

Our ribbon winners were as follows:

Blue Ribbons-McAlester Christian Academy 4-H-Addie Budzinsky and Hannah Cox who both did vocal solos. Haileyville-Murphy Peterson with a vocal solo, Jenessa Dugger and Alex Pease with a theatre skit, Jenessa Dugger with a dance solo; Crowder 4-H-Solar Starr with a vocal solo; Clover Power-Jordyn Washington with a Vocal Solo; Alexis Futischa with a Theatre Solo and an instrumental solo; Puterbaugh-Adarra Wilson with an instrumental solo; Kiowa-Jaylee Wills and Allie Scrivner with a dance duet.

Grand and Reserve Champions-

Senior Dance Grand Champion-Jenessa Dugger, Haileyville

Senior Dance Reserve Grand Champion-Jaylee Wills and Allie Scrivner, Kiowa

Senior Instrumental Grand Champion-Alexis Futischa, Clover Power

Senior Theatre Grand Champion-Jenessa Dugger and Alex Pease, Haileyville

Senior Theatre Reserve Grand Champion-Alexis Futischa, Clover Power

Senior Vocal Grand Champion-Addie Budzinsky, MCA 4-H

Senior Vocal Reserve Grand Champion-Murphy Peterson, Haileyville

Junior Instrumental Grand Champion-Adarra Wilson, Puterbaugh

Junior Vocal Grand Champion-Solar Starr, Crowder

Junior Vocal Reserve Grand Champion-Hannah Cox, MCA

Acts advancing to districts scheduled for February 9 are

Theatre Division-Jenessa Dugger and Alex Pease, Haileyville

Vocal Division-Addie Budzinsky, MCA

Instrumental Division-Alexis Futischa, Clover Power

Dance Division-Jenessa Dugger, Haileyville

For more information about this and other 4-H events and activities please give us a call at 423-4120 or email me at greg.owen@okstate.edu.

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