Greg Owen

Greg Owen

Technology and Essay Contest entries are due by December 2nd to the OSU Extension Office.

Technology Contest entries-Every exhibit must be labeled on the back with the following information: Name, Club, County, Age as of Sept. 1, 2021 and date poster or exhibit was made. Copy written materials such as professional photos, books, publications or items on the internet should not be used as original.

Exhibits displayed as posters must be constructed on poster board 14” x 22” (1/2 of a poster board). They may be horizontal or vertical. Posters will be judged on (1) educational idea portrayed, (2) public appeal, and (3) creative and original ability presented. Exhibits will be virtually submitted, please include members name, club, grade, and submission class numbers in the body of the email. Virtual submissions can be either pdf files of the entries (except PowerPoints, please send as PowerPoint Presentation) or photos of the printed entries on poster board. Email entries to or

Copyrighted or trademarked cartoon characters or designs must not be used due to copyright restrictions. For poster exhibit displays, exhibitors are encouraged to laminate or cover all posters with clear plastic film. Text of posters should be readable from at least 10 ft. away. Promotional exhibits in this section must include an official 4-H Clover or mention 4-H. For more information on proper use of the 4-H clover please refer to Technology Contest entries may be entered in the 2022 County Fair.

Categories include:

Flat flyer- Flat flyer (one-sided) designed by the exhibitor to promote a club or county 4-H education program or activity. Computer generated flat flyer

PowerPoint presentation related to 4-H Presentation should either promote 4-H or educate about a 4-H project. Presentations should include an official 4-H Clover including required trademark designation. Presentation entry includes a printout of at least 5 slides and script/presentation notes in a folder or notebook. Include presentation file in a labeled 3-1/2” diskette or CD (in an envelope). All PowerPoint presentations should be mounted on a freestanding display board not to exceed 36”x36” when the sides are extended for display. Commercially available “Science Fair Presentation boards” are encouraged.

Brochure, card or invitation related to 4-H. May be double-, tri- or four-fold measuring 8-1/2” x 11” or 8-1/2” x 14” before folding. Attach 2 flat copies of the brochure (one side showing the front and the other side showing the back of the brochure) to an appropriately sized poster board no larger than 14” x 22” – ½ of a poster board. Attach a large envelope to the back of the board and insert a folded copy of the brochure.

Digital Media – Submit a video (maximum of 3 minutes) and movie style poster. Poster (14” x 22”- ½ of a poster board – must include a 4-H Clover or mention 4-H) should creatively depict the video’s content. Video can be promotional, informational, music, or a documentary. The video must be in a windows media (.WMV) or (.AVI) format and submitted on a CD/DVD. Videos must only contain first names of the participants and participants must have a signed media release form on file in their county 4- H office (found on the 4-H enrollment card.).

Guidelines for County 4-H Essay Contest are as follows-Clover-bud (grades 2nd and younger) and Juniors (grades 3-5) essays will be ½ a page over the topic: “Why did you join 4-H?”

Intermediate (grades 6-8)-Essays will be one page with the question “If you could add a project area, what would you add?”

Senior (grades 9-12)-Essays will be two pages-Questions-“What have you learned in 4-H that you can carry with you into college/trade school and into adulthood?”


• If typed, please double space and use 12 pt. font size and Times New Roman font style

• Must be submitted on or before December 2nd by 5:00 pm @ the OSU Extension Center. Fax number for the OSU Extension Center is 918-423-7053. You may also email entries to me at

For more information about these and other 4-H events and activities please give us a call at the office at 423-4120 or email me at

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