Greg Owen

Greg Owen

Pittsburg County 4-H recently held our annual Essay and Technology Contests. The Essay contest questions are written by older 4-H members. This event is utilized to teach the essay writing skills that are necessary for scholarship applications and some 4-H competitive events. The Technology Contest is directly patterned after the Technology Section used in the County and State Fair books to help better prepare our members for their fair exhibits that will be entered at the end of the 4-H year.

Results for both contests were as follows:

Technology Contest

Grand Champion Senior (8th grade and older) Power-point-Emily Harmon, Clover Power

Grand Champion Senior Invitation-Danny Pierce, Clover Power

Grand Champion Senior Flyer-Emilee Coxsey, Frink-Chambers

Grand Champion Junior (3rd-7th grades) Invitation-Jordyn Washington, Clover Power

Grand Champion Junior Flyer-Solar Starr, Crowder

Ribbon winners were as follows:

Blue Ribbons: Clover Power-Emily Harmon, Jordyn Washington, Jonathan Bullard, Danny Pierce; Crowder-Solar Starr; Frink-Chambers-McKenzie Mercer, Aspen Kelley, Ruby Kellogg, Sara Kellogg, Emilee Coxsey.

Red Ribbons-Puterbaugh-Adarra Wilson; Clover Power-Jordyn Washington; Kiowa-Journie Spiegel, Aaliayh Henderson, Amelia Jimmerson, Hadley McClendon, Lori Linscott, Nicole Griffin.

White Ribbons: Edmond Doyle-Spring Haynes; Frink-Chambers-Landon Patterson, Mason Coxsey, Hannah Cox, Sabyn Gaither, Kynlee Semeski, Blake Byrum, Kyleigh Chronister, Baylor Grego, Gracelinn Long, Cara James, Madison Fields, Jovie Runyon, Kayden Harris, Aubrey Gray, Izabella Conner, Carsen Smith, Saysha Kuykendall.

Essay Contest

Grand Champion Clover-bud Essay- Sadie Miller, Frink-Chambers

Grand Champion Junior Essay- Jordyn Washington, Clover Power

Grand Champion Intermediate Essay- Aspen Kelley, Frink-Chambers

Grand Champion Senior Essay- Emilee Coxsey, Frink-Chambers

Ribbon winners were as follows: Green Participation Ribbons (Clover-buds)-Clover Power-Mikey Shields; Frink-Chambers-Sadie Miller.

Blue Ribbons: Frink-Chambers-Jenson Whetsel, Mason Coxsey, Emilee Coxsey, McKenzie Mercer, Baylor Grego, Hannah Cox, Isabella Conner, Kasyn Davis, Sydney Fassino, Sara Kellogg, Ruby Kellogg, Cooper Bryant, Drew Stachmus, Avrey Alberson, Aspen Kelley; Clover Power-Jonathan Bullard, Danny Pierce, Emily Harmon, Mariska Shields, Jordyn Washington; Puterbaugh-Adarra Wilson; Crowder-Solar Starr; Krebs-Hadlie Thornton; Kiowa-Brycen Shannon, Gavin McClendon, Katara Parent, and Journie Spiegel.

For more information about these and other 4-H events and activities please give us a call at the office at 423-4120 or email me at

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