November Student of the Month: Calvin’s Nariah Bump

Nariah Bump 

Where do you want to go to college and why?

I want to attend Connors State College on a cross country scholarship with two of my teammates and friends offered the scholarship too. I plan to attend Muskogee ICTC my second year and graduate with a PTA license to get started in life! 

What is your list of accomplishments including scholarships received?

 Through high school I have taken honors classes, doubled up since eighth grade, attended KTC a year early, and now, concurrent classes. This allowed me to graduate a year early and be ranked 1 in my senior class. I have been offered or mentioned a cross country scholarship to three colleges. Because I made it to state as an individual in cross country and track, along with my academics, I have been noticed by colleges.

What drives you to succeed?

 I strive to be on top among all my peers and reach academic goals. I was in the gifted and talented program in elementary. I continued to stay ahead through junior high and into high school. I have always had high expectations set on myself by me, my mom and teachers. My biggest motivation is I never want to fault those expectations or goals because I know I am capable!

Who inspires you to excel in school and why?

Many people are proud of me and my accomplishments, but the most important is my mom. She has always expected greatness and 100% effort! She has raised me to hold myself to the highest level. This has made me push and apply myself in everything I do!

What community service activities are you involved in and what drives you to give back to the community?

My mom, who is a veteran, raised me to take pride in my community and to appreciate the work and service others have done for me to do service of my own. So, every year I participate in the town’s Fourth of July clean up, donations for veterans Christmas bags, memorial day cemetery clean up and flagging veterans graves. I also lend a hand at school, at church, in the National Honor Society and more!

What are your extracurricular activities and how do they improve your education?

I am involved in basketball, track and cross country, along with the National Honor Society and yearbook. Sports have played a major role in teaching me lessons on character and life! I have been able to apply my situations and coaching from sports as motivation and drive in the classroom. My competitiveness to be the best in the classroom is the same as me pushing myself to be the best on the court or field!

How would a new car help achieve your future goals?

Benefits of a new car will help me greatly! My main goal when attending Connors State College is to attend Muskogee’s ICTC my second year and become a licensed PTA. I would attend from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., so having a new car to rely on for education purposes will be very utilitarian! It would be a major advantage because I will also be away from family.

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