Feb.19 shooting

DERRICK JAMES | Staff photo

Investigators are shown outside a home where two individuals were injured following a Feb. 19 shooting.

No charges will be brought in the case of a double shooting that occurred Feb. 19 in McAlester that left two people injured.

District 18 District Attorney Chuck Sullivan made his decision Tuesday morning after a review of the evidence presented to him by investigators with the McAlester Police Department.

“I have reviewed the entire report and determined that the events of Feb. 19, which involved Lane Crawley, Diana Adamo, and a juvenile, are most accurately described as an accidental shooting, not an intentional act, as first suspected,” Sullivan said.

According to Sullivan, the juvenile was “playing with the laser sight” on a firearm when it went off one time with the bullet traveling through the juvenile’s hand and leg before going through a door and striking Adamo.

Adamo and the juvenile were transported to the McAlester Regional Health Center where they both underwent surgery, according to police.

Crawley was initially named as a person of interest by investigators after leaving the scene and was the subject of a “be on the lookout” bulletin that was issued to area law enforcement agencies before police said his family took him to a local hospital where police took him into custody for questioning. He was later released after cooperating with investigators.

“Having reviewed the evidence in it’s entirety, I concur with the McAlester Police Department’s conclusion that this was, in fact, an accidental shooting. Therefore, I will not be pursuing any criminal charges in the matter.” Sullivan said. “I wish to thank and commend the MPD – particularly the detective division – for the outstanding job in investigating this matter.”

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