Using bond proceeds for bond payment.

Modifications to the McAlester Water Treatment Plant.

A new fire department contract.

These topics and more will be discussed at the McAlester City Council’s regular meeting, at 6 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall.

According to a fact sheet prepared by McAlester City Manager Susan Monroe and acting McAlester City Treasurer Steve Harrison, the city currently “has no cash reserve at all.”

“At this point, after making Nov. 5 payroll, we will have less than $10,000 in cash without paying any claims for this time period. The cost of payroll and bond payments will be the only thing we can cover,” according to the fact sheet.

There is approximately $500,000 left in CIP bond proceeds that can be used against a portion of the payment for the CIP bond.

Monroe and Harrison recommend the council release the bond proceeds for the payment of the CIP bonds.

As of Friday, the city’s net available cash was $290,232.74. This total included outstanding checks and a pending IRS deposit check for $75,579.18.

The council will also vote on accepting a Department of Environmental Quality permit for the construction of modifications to the McAlester Water Treatment Plant.

“Improvements include modifications to the plant’s five filters and modifications to the chemical feed system,” according to a fact sheet prepared by McAlester City Engineer George Marcangeli and David Medley, assistant city engineer.

DEQ has several conditions and provisions for issuing the permit including the department being “informed on occurrences which may affect the eventual performance of the works or that will unduly delay the progress of the project.”

The construction of all phases of the project should begin by Sept. 21, 2006, or phases not under construction will have to be resubmitted to DEQ for approval.

Before the modifications are put into service, two water samples taken on different days must show the water is safe for drinking.

The council will also consider approving the McAlester International Association of Fire Fighters’ contract.

Contract changes include a 2.5 percent wage increase across the board for cost of living adjustments.

The McAlester IAFF also ask that uniform maintenance allowance be increased by $35 per year, for a total allowance of $1,300 per year. According to the contract, the allowance is to be used “solely for the cleaning and laundering of uniforms and maintenance of footwear.”

In a letter dated Sept. 16, the McAlester IAFF agreed to defer the monetary adjustments for six months.

Other changes include one day per month affiliation leave, increasing compensation time on holidays worked from eight hours to 12 hours and compensation time for leadership classes.

The council is also scheduled to consider the following for approval:

• The use of 910 E. Wyandotte Ave. for general office space.

• The use of 915 E. Wyandotte Ave. for the new Daylight Donut Shop building.

• The use of 918 E. Wyandotte for office space.

• The rezoning of four lots in Hidden Valley between Strong Boulevard and Washington Avenue from single family residential to neighborhood convenience commercial.

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